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Ce inseamna cresterea spirituala

Cresterea spirituala  este asemanatoare cu cresterea fizica. Pentru a fi sanatosi si a creste fizic trebuie sa manncam alimentele potrivite, sa facem exercitii fizice si sa ne odihnim cum trebuie. Ati auzit lucrurile acestea de cand erati mici.

restul mai jos in limba engleza…

What does ‘spiritual growth’ mean?

Spiritual growth is a lot like physical growth. To stay healthy and grow physically, we must eat the right foods, exercise, and get plenty of rest. You’ve heard that since you were a child. According to Scripture, especially passages like Ephesians 4:14-15, growing spiritually involves the same formula.

Christians must eat the right ‘spiritual food’: God’s Word. Yet many Christians try to survive on spiritual ‘fast food.’ That is, they watch Christian shows on TV, read Christian magazines, and listen to Christian music, while cutting the Bible out of their diet. But nothing builds the body–the body of Christ–like the Bible. Everything else is supplementary.

Exercise is another body builder. Christians exercise through resisting temptation, enduring trials, serving others, and telling others about their faith. Temptation and problems test our character; serving others stretches our faith; telling people about Christ strengthens our love for him.

Christians rest through worship. Our world has a tendency to pull us in different directions like a rubber band stretched to the limit. We need sleep, rest, and times of vacation to get our physical batteries recharged. In the same way, we need worship to keep us spiritually renewed.

Spiritual growth takes time–a lifetime! This means growing in a relationship, not just changing our behavior. Growing a strong Christian life means learning how to love Jesus more each day, staying close to him, and getting to know him better.

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