Meet 9 awesome TEDYouth teens, from a claymation animator to a speed stacker

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At TEDYouth, music producer Young Guru will talk about the future of hip hop, Curiosity rover flight director Bobak Ferdowsi will explain how the heck he got a two ton machine to Mars and science writer Carl Zimmer will present his favorite parasite. But at this event – taking place on November 17 at the Times Center in Manhattan – the audience members will be just as cool as those on stage. Among the 450 teens signed up for the conference are origamists, aerospace scholars, gymnasts, web developers, roboticists and founders of non-profits.

Here, meet a random selection of soon-to-be attendees, all students at public high schools in the New York City area.

Sean Simonds, 17
. Sean uses his stop-motion skills to create claymation animation. Why? Says Sean, “For other people to enjoy and because I like making them.”

Lily He, 14. Lily is an expert speed…

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