TEDx in prison: 3 great talks from TEDxMarionCorrectional

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Last month, we told you all about the TEDx events held in correctional facilities around the world, staged by people committed to changing the culture of incarceration. One of these distinctive TEDx events took place in Marion, Ohio, on September 16. TEDxMarionCorrectional brought together speakers from both inside and outside the prison walls, including members of the administration, to talk on the theme “A Life Worth Living.” But perhaps most interesting? That many of the speakers were the inmates themselves.

Below, find some of the powerful stories from this event about the importance of personal transformation and the strength that comes with community.

David Butler II: The boy next-door
In this talk, David Butler II shares a harrowing story of the path that led him to prison. A truly vulnerable talk, Butler expresses the importance of reaching out to one another – in a way that can prevent acts of…

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