TEDWeekends explores shades of deception

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Dishonesty. Fibbing. Telling an untruth. Purposeful distortion. Misleading. Gilding the lily. Deception. These are all synonyms for the same thing: lying.

In her classic talk from TEDGlobal 2011, “How to Spot a Liar,” Pamela Meyer outlines what she believes to be an epidemic and gives practical tips for how anyone can tell when someone is laying a whopper on them. Today’s TEDWeekends on the Huffington Post spins off from Meyer’s talk, delving into the topic of “Understanding deception.”

To the left, a visualization of the murky waters between truth, lies, understatements, exaggerations, concealments and equivocations. And below, some TEDWeekends essays that riff on the theme.

Pamela Myer: How to spot a liar

Lying: Even t-shirts know how bad it is.

The other day a guy walked past me wearing a t-shirt with two words on it: „Everybody lies.” It made me laugh.

Of course it’s true. We all lie, but…

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