Damon Lindelof, Elif Shafak and Tim O’Reilly share the TED Talks they find most powerful

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To celebrate our billionth video view, we reached out to 24 incredible people in the fields of technology, entertainment and design, asking them to create playlists of the TED Talks that most resonated with them. Their lists are housed in a brand new section of our site: Playlists: Collections for curious minds. Check out the notable names who shared their lists last week. And today, we offer up new playlists from television superstar Damon Lindelof, acclaimed author Elif Shafak and open source enthusiast Tim O’Reilly.

Damon Lindelof's favorite TEDTalks

Damon Lindelof, the co-creator of Lost, didn’t need long to find his favorite TED Talks. He explains, “These are the ones that stayed with me. That I watched more than once. That I felt were truly original, impactful, entertaining and emotional. I have forwarded these talks to friends with hopes of not only expanding their own horizons, but in stimulating future conversation…

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