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Concert Decean la Antena 1 Deva

Concertul de la DEVA la stirile Antena 1! Click pe al doilea video, prezentarea concertului începe la minutul 13:50! …

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Emisiune speciala – daruieste lumina – 29-30 noiembrie 2012

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De ce ne este frica? -Islamul- Dr Bill Warner

Studiul de mai jos foarte interesant de urmarit!!!

Un documentar care schimba fata istoriei asa cum am stiut-o noi!!!

Cine este Dr Bill Warner

Bill Warner holds a PhD in physics and math, NC State University, 1968. He has been a university professor, businessman, and applied physicist.

He was a Member of the Technical Staff in solid-state physics at the Sarnoff Princeton Laboratories in the area of integrated circuit structures. During the energy crisis of the 80’s he founded and ran a company that specialized in energy efficient homes. For eight years he was a professor at Tennessee State University in the Engineering School.

Dr. Warner has had a life-long interest in religion and its effects on history. He has studied the source texts of the major religions for decades. Even before the destruction of the World Trade Center he had predicted the war between Islam and America. The day after 9/11 he decided to make the source texts of Islam available for the average person.

Dr. Warner’s training in scientific theory and mathematics shaped how he analyzed Islamic doctrine. The first step was realizing that the Islamic texts had been made deliberately difficult to read and comprehend. A program, the Trilogy Project (see below), was created to strip away the confusion in the texts. It became clear that Islam is not constructed on the same civilizational principles as the rest of the world. Simple statistical methods revealed that dualism and submission were the foundational principles of Islamic doctrine.

Statistical methods applied to the Islamic texts showed that:
· Islam is far more of a political system than a religion.
· There is no unmitigated good in Islam for the Kafir (non-Muslim).
· Islam’s ethical system is dualistic and is not based on the Golden Rule.
· Islamic doctrine cannot be reconciled with our concepts of human rights and our Constitution.
· The great majority, 96%, of all Islamic doctrine about women subjugates them.
· The Sunna (what Mohammed did and said) is more important than the Koran in a Muslim’s daily life.

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De ce sunt aici? Campanie Rick Warren

The All New Church-Wide Campaign From Pastor Rick Warren: What On Earth Am I Here For?