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Sharing to Sharpen

Posted to LeadershipLocal ChurchResources by WCAblog on 10/11/2012 7:57:59 AM
We’ve said it before, it’s stil true! We exist to help leaders grow. One of the best parts of serving leaders is seeing how leaders serve each other.  Ministry isn’t easy, as we lead we must remember to learn from those who are a bit ahead and teach the ones who aren’t quite as far along. We get to run with a lot of great folks who are really generous with what they’ve learned along the leadership journey and we thought we’d pass along a few links that might bless you.

Desiring God, from John Piper

Untitled, from Blaine Hogan

The Rookie Pastor Manifesto, from Josh Tandy

The Top 5 Leadership Mistakes Senior Pastors Make, from Bob Franquiz

More Influence: 21 From-the-Gut Lessons for Kingdom Leaders, by Brandon Cox

Leadership Resources, collected by Mark Miller

Leadership Resources, by Tony Morgan

And of course, dcon’t miss our own Become (Mindy Caliguire) or The Global Leadership Summit ebook!

Sursa   http://lp.willowcreek.com/WCA-Blog/October-2012/Sharing-to-Sharpen
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