7 Things You Can Do to Become a More Unselfish Person (plus 1 bonus)

It’s a fact that we would rather be around an unselfish person than a selfish person.

And so if we’re in the people business (and most of us are unless we live in a convent or monastery), it necessarily makes sense that we strive for unselfishness ~ and for the purposes of making a living, too. (It isn’t a selfish thing to want to feed yourself and your family.)

This is not an easy task for the majority of us (I’m talking about making a choice against selfishness). We are „schooled” to be selfish.

I mean, we’ve heard it in advertising: „YOU deserve a break today.” (McDonald’s) „L’Eggo (let go) of MY Eggo (waffle).” (To watch the 1972 commercial, click here.) „It could be YOU.” (The Lottery) „He who dies with the most toys, wins.” (That last quote really makes the point of the foolishness of selfishness.)

And so we need a lot of help becoming unselfish since it’s in our blood. The proverbial „deck is stacked against us.” What can and do we do?

Well, here are a few suggestions… 

7 Things You Can Do to Become a More Unselfish Person:

1. Visit a children’s cancer center. 
2. Surprise somebody with a kindness.
3. Drive the speed limit.
4. Don’t care about who gets the credit (even if you’re the one that should).
5. Go to a Senior care facility to spend some time with the people there.
6. Give financially to a charity over the long haul (don’t stop during the lean times).
7. Genuinely be nice to selfish people, too (don’t just put up with them).

BONUS Watch Charles’ Dickens’ „Scrooge” even if it isn’t the holiday season.

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