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Economizor de combustibil?

Iata o stire romaneasca ce vorbeste despre un dispozitiv simplu ce micsoreaza consumul de carburant


Si varianta lui de peste hotare | 818-232-3411 | * Improves gas mileage up to 24%—you can save hundreds of dollars a year on fuel costs! * You’ll see increased horsepower output, a better and faster ignition and reduced carbon monoxide emission. * Works on all engines and fuels—uses strong magnets for diesels, high-performance, larger and commercial enginesEasy to install—maintenance free! * Place over the incoming fuel line (gas or diesel) in your car, truck, boat or motorcycle and start maximizing your engine’s performance. * Breaks up fuel molecule clusters into smaller, more combustible fragments. * Will dramatically reduce engine maintenance costs by eliminating carbon and varnish deposits, the main source of engine wear. * This is the most effective fuel-enhancing device available. * Does not affect vehicle manufacturer’s warranty.

Can be used on water lines for water treatment in your home for drinking, washing, showering & laundry.

It can be used from 1/2″ up to 1″ pipe. Use two sets, you can apply them to 2″ pipes.



si un link romanesc de unde se poate comanda

Economizor Benzina

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