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Hamas: ‘Declaration Of War’ If Obama Visits Temple Mount. How is Israel supposed to make peace in this environment?

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TempleMount>> Boiling point: Palestinian violence spiking as Obama prepares to arrive

President Obama and world leaders continue to pressure Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to make peace with the Palestinian Authority (PA), as if Israel is the primary obstacle to peace in the Mideast. Yet the PA can’t even make peace within itself.

  • The territory the PA claims is deeply divided – not just geographically but politically.
  • Gaza is controlled by the Hamas terror organization which does not see itself under the rule of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen).
  • Hamas has fired thousands of rockets, mortars and missiles at Israeli civilians, while the PA has done nothing to stop them. 
  • The West Bank is ostensibly controlled by Abbas who is serving the eighth year of a four year term, and Abbas refuses to call new elections.
  • Abbas refuses to even recognize Israel a Jewish state.

Now Hamas is threatening to…

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