New video shows satellite images of alleged secret Iranian nuclear & missile facility

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“Iranian scientists are working on nuclear warheads — and trying to perfect them – at an underground site unknown to the West, according to a high-ranking intelligence officer of the Islamic regime,” reports Reza Kahlili. A former Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps officer, Kahlili joined the CIA and became a double agent against the Iranian regime during the 1980s and ’90s.

On March21st, I shared with you his report. While I cannot independently verify his allegations or the details that he presents in the report, or in his Washington Times oped, I do believe it is important to make readers aware of this information so that it all can be thoroughly analyzed and assessed.

Now, Kahlili has released a 2:34 minute video on YouTube that provides satellite images of the alleged Iranian nuclear weapons and ballistic missile facility.

According to the video:

  • The nuclear site is located about fifteen miles northwest from…

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