On trip to Jordan, President Obama & King Abdullah II warned of dangers posed by implosion of Syria & Iran.

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

>> NOTE:I’m looking forward to speaking at the Calvary Tucson evening services this Wednesday night. Please join us if you can.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II needs our prayers. He is a man trying to lead his country into a more peaceful, prosperous and democratic future. But he faces extraordinary challenges – the implosion of Syria to the north and the possibility of an Israeli-Iranian war are just two, but they are the most urgent at the moment.

„Looking from the Jordanian point of view and the challenges that Jordan faces as we look around the region, the challenges of what the Israelis and the Palestinians that we faced in 2012, the instability as you’re seeing in Syria, we have the concerns as what’s happening in Iraq,” the King noted during a press conference with President Obama on Friday, „any military action at the moment, whether Israeli or Iranian, to…

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