Unlikely collaborations: 5 TED Talks that reach across fields

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Architecture and microbiology may seem like an odd couple, but TED Senior Fellow Jessica Green would beg to differ.[ted_talkteaser id=1698] In today’s talk, she reveals what’s teeming all over the surfaces around us, and how it can help us build smarter, healthier buildings.

As the founding director of the Biology in the Built Environment Center at the University of Oregon, Green knows that it’s time for biology to join physics as a way for architects to study buildings. When she collaborated with architect Charlie Brown to study the microbes at UO’s Lillis Business Complex, they tracked the health benefits of the ventilation louvers Brown had designed. The result? A wealth of information and a new approach that Green is calling bioinformed design.

We thought this creative crossing of fields was brilliant – and also familiar. Some of the most interesting TED Talks come from a blend of the artistic…

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