What happens when leaders miscalculate? Webcast of my remarks at The Heritage Foundation on using fiction to imagine worst-case scenarios.

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

At noon today, I was honored to address The Heritage Foundation’s weekly „Blogger Briefing”, along with Senator Jim DeMint, the new president of Heritage. In addition to the bloggers in attendance, the event was webcast live to bloggers throughout the U.S. and around the world.

I told the group that if I could sum up my remarks in one word, it would be this: „Miscalculation.”

The world is a dangerous place when American presidents miscalculate. I noted that when I arrived in Washington at began working at Heritage in 1990 (my first real job after graduating from Syracuse University), Saddam Hussein was massing military forces on the border of Kuwait and threatening to invade. I was struck at the time by how many Middle East „experts” said Saddam would never invade. They said he was just „saber-rattling” and driving up the price of oil for his own ends. But to…

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