Boston manhunt: The day after


Maxima zilei – 20 aprilie 2013

Istorie Evanghelica

Lucrurile nu sunt greu de făcut.

Greu este să te pui în starea de a le face

Constantin Brâncuși

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The Tragedy of the Dumb Church

Faithful Steward Ministries and FSM Women's Outreach

On the heals of our last post „The Chalice of Knowledge” this peaked my interest.

Reprinted from

The Tragedy of the Dumb Church

by Robin Schumacher

I have a friend who’s an experienced pastor, teacher, and Christian apologist. He’s very well educated, articulate, teaches in a way that hits the mark, and has a passion particularly for grounding young people in the faith during their high school and early college years.

Currently, he’s employed with Youth for Christ and a while back he felt a burden to try and help churches in our area do what he does best, which is equip youth to defend the Christian faith in the world and know what/why they believe. Because he’s developed a number of curriculums to use for such situations, he sent a letter to all the churches in our metropolitan area (which is quite a lot) explaining what he does…

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Simboluri facute cu tastatura

De care nu am stiut pana acum.

Dar vorba aceea: „Cat traieste omul tot invata, iar cand moare tot nu stie destul…”