Epicenter Update: Observations on Egyptian & Syrian crises as I lead Joshua Fund tour.

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

(Jerusalem, Israel ) – Good morning from Jerusalem. Today begins Day #7 of The Joshua Fund’s „Prayer & Vision Trip” to the Holy Land. We have the honor of hosting 244 Christians from all over the world (including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Nigeria, Germany, Taiwan, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand), most of whom have never been to Israel before. It’s been an absolutely fascinating time, especially as events heat up and move rapidly here in the epicenter.

A few observations on the Mideast crisis developing around us – especially in Egypt and Syria – as well as updates from our tour:

  • Let’s start with Egypt – Today is Decision Day. A dramatic showdown is underway in the world’s largest Arab country. Millions of Egyptians have turned out on the streets of Cairo in recent days to protest the despotic regime of President Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. The offices of the Brotherhood have…

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