Mideast peace talks to begin this week. But why did Israel approve release of 104 terrorists?

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(Washington, D.C.) – A new round of Middle East peace talks are set to begin Monday and Tuesday evenings here in D.C. That’s a hopeful sign. There haven’t been face-to-face negotiations between senior Israeli and Palestinian officials in years.

But why are they beginning with the Israelis agreeing to release 104 convicted Palestinian terrorists?

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas refused to agree to the talks unless Israel made a big concession. Abbas pressed hard for the release of convicted terrorists as one of those concessions. But why? Do you convince your interlocutors – or the rest of the world – that you really want peace by insisting on the release of Arabs who have murdered Israelis? Hardly.

That said, it’s bad enough that Abbas insisted on such a thing, but why exactly did the Israeli government say…

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