TED Weekends hacks our senses

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Does listening to music generate colors in your mind? Do bright, lively songs sound yellow or orange while darker, more somber ones sound dark blue and grey? Well, for artist Neil Harbisson, [ted_talkteaser id=1512]this happens the other way around. Colorblind since birth, Harbisson has sported an electronic eye since 2004 that fits over the top of his head and allows him to hear the color spectrum instead of see it.

“My head has turned into a music box,” he writes in an essay for TED Weekends on the Huffington Post. “I can hear the sky, I can listen to my mother’s eyes and I can hear rainbows.”

Harbisson is in a way a cyborg – he has created and extended his own senses. And yet, Harbisson says that his antenna has made him feel more in touch with nature than with robots.

Today’s edition of TED Weekends explores the…

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