A humanitarian nightmare: 110,000 dead in Syria. 2 million refugees. 5 million displaced.

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

(Washington, D.C.) – Whatever your politics, whatever your views of how the West should act – or not act – militarily in Syria, one thing is painfully clear: a humanitarian nightmare is unfolding in that Arab Muslim country.

A terrible evil has been unleashed. Syria is imploding. And its hard to imagine putting the country back together any time soon. Indeed, we may be witnessing the beginning of the end of Syria as we’ve known it.

Jesus Christ told us to, „love your neighbor,” and „love your enemies.” Christians need to be praying for the Lord to show mercy to the people of Syria. But we also need to be doing what we can to care for the hungry, thirsty and suffering – the widows, the orphans, those who are wounded physically, and those who have been traumatized emotionally and spiritually. T

he United Nations has taken the lead in trying to…

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