TED rolls out iOS7 app

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ios7-appApple’s iOS7 launched this morning, and on it, our new TED app. Below, we asked our in-house product development lead Thaniya Keereepart about the mobile update, asking her to share the team’s vision for taking an experience people loved and making it even more fluid.

What makes this iOS7 version of the TED app different?

For this latest update, we simplified our app’s interface to make its functionality more useful – a combination of efforts inspired by our own TED design ethos and Apple’s vision for iOS7. As Apple puts it, “good design is design that’s in service of the experience.” As a result, the TED experience for iOS7 feels lighter, airier – yet familiar.

What new features can the user look forward to?

Honestly, this version is more about taking an experience people loved and making it even better, rather than rolling out specific new features. That said, we…

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