What are some of the best moments of humanity?

Answer by Christopher Raynor:

A true story unfolded today at an Australian railway station.

A train arrived at the station during morning rush hour.

During the boarding of the train by many passengers and just as the doors of the train were to close the following situation unfolded.

One person noticed that a man had slipped and was stuck between the gap of the open door and platform.

People alerted the officials and human togetherness tried to free the man.

Then as nothing happened somebody said everyone should stand on one side inside the train so the weight of the train could be taken off the man's body.

This solution did not work.

Then people power became the solution.

All this happening with great urgency.

Everyone got out of the train and pushed the carriage away from the trapped man.

It worked with a person close to the man lifting him out as the gap widened.

No serious injury occurred and all got back on the train and went about their lives.

I will add a link to the film.

People power frees man from train

What are some of the best moments of humanity?

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