Why didn’t the Soviet Union break down during the Second World War?

Answer by Alex Jouravlev:

Really, Germany came with all-out assault, indiscriminately bombing civilian targets and bringing rape and murder* to the occupied territories. Why didn't Russians see the Germans as civilized liberators and met them with arms open?

This is not an empty rhetoric. There were a number of organisations eager to collaborate with Germans in the war against Stalinism. When they saw what Germans were doing to the territories they were seeking to liberate, many of them lost any desire to collaborate and some turned to Resistance. 

It is universally recognized that the most effective WW2 Russian propagandist was Ilya Ehrenburg. Batting for Stalin was the last thing on the mind of that Paris-based bohemian, until he saw what the "civilized" Germans were bringing to the territories they conquered. Then he went to Moscow (massive risk – he could be easily executed on arrival) and published hundreds of articles and flyers that were saying nothing about Stalin and everything – about fighting the invaders

At the same time despite having access to hundreds of talented Russian writers in Paris, Nazis could not publish a flyer that would pass a basic spell-check.

(*) the special order from Wilhelm Keitel banned prosecution of German soldiers for any action in relation to civilian population, even if constituted war crimes. It doesn't mean every German soldier was raping – it does however mean everyone with such inclination did.

Why didn't the Soviet Union break down during the Second World War?

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