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Vă ofer un articol în care elementele tradiționale evreiești ale ,,Seder“-ului sunt îmbinate cu semnificațiile noi ale Cinei cele de Taină.


(Roehl, Tim (2010-02-11). The Day That Changed Forever: Twenty-One Life-Changing Experiences at the Cross (Kindle Locations 586-614). Baker Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.)

JOHN 13: 1-30

Night was coming. Jerusalem was swollen with tens of thousands of pilgrims assembled to celebrate the Passover feast. Most had settled in for the night, but there were those who rested uneasy, sensing a gathering storm, unseen but nonetheless real. The night sky was clear, but the darkness was heavy and close. Dogs looked upward, then cowered, whining softly as they sensed things unable to be heard by human ears. Those with hearts tuned to the Spirit of God listened intently and began to pray, heeding a call to intercede intensely.

Time was moving toward its close . . . and its beginning …

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