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Cum sa iti ajuti membrii sa isi descopere formatul pentru slujire?

Dragi colegi,
Luni, 26 Noiembrie la sediul Comunitatiii Baptiste Arad, pastorul Abraham Muelemberg va tine cea de-a 5-a sesiune pe tema „Cum sa cresti o biserica sanatoasa ?”. De data aceasta tema este „Cum sa iti ajuti membrii sa isi descopere formatul pentru slujire?” Daruri spirituale, abilitati, pasiune, etc. Datorita faptului ca de data aceasta Abraham nu poate sta doua zile, asa cum a facut in trecut, am considerat ca este bine sa incercam sa parcurgem materialul intr-o zi si intalnirea sa o legam cu intalnirea noastra a pastorilor de la comunitate.
Seminarul va incepe la ora 10 si va dura pana la orele 17.30 cu pauzele aferente, inclusiv o pauza de masa. Masa o vom servi acolo impreuna.
Va rog sa imi confirmati printr-un reply sau un e-mail la adresa, toti cei care doriti sa participati intreaga zi la aceasta conferinta pentru a putea organiza cat mai bine.
Puteti sa aduceti si lucratori din biserica (daca isi pot lua o zi libera) dar va rog sa imi spuneti exact numarul persoanelor care veti veni.
Mult har!
Romica Iuga





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3 intrebari pentru predicatori…

1. How does this topic/passage fit into the big story of Scripture?

Cum se potriveste subiectul / pasajul tau in marea poveste a Bibliei?

2. What is distinctively Christian about the way I am addressing the topic/passage?

Ce este in mod specific crestin(altfel decat o fac cei din lume in conferintele lor) in felul cum prezint subiectul/pasajul?

3. How does this truth equip God’s church to live on mission?

Cum echipeaza acest adevar biserica ta pentru a-si indeplini misiunea in viata de zi cu zi ?

Articolul in engleza

3 Questions to Ask of Your Sermon


There has been a lot of talk in recent years about making the gospel announcement of Jesus Christ front and center in our preaching and teaching. As our society becomes increasingly post-Christian, it is critical for us to not assume lost people know who God is, what He is like, and what He has done for us. We need to be clear in what we teach, with a laser-like focus on Jesus Christ our Savior.

But how do we make sure that Jesus is center-stage in our church?

How do we keep other things from taking His place in our sermons, our Sunday School classes or our small groups?

In other words, how do we maintain Christ-centeredness when there are so many other good things vying for our attention and time?

As editor of The Gospel Project, I’ve wrestled with this question. It’s one thing to have “core values” like “Christ-centered” and “mission-driven” written on the page. It’s another thing entirely to make sure that these values are actually expressed in the lessons. To help our writers, we’ve put together three big questions we want them to ask of every lesson.

The more I’ve thought about these questions, the more I am convinced that pastors ought to ask these questions of every sermon they preach. Teachers ought to ask these questions of every lesson they prepare. The questions are a helpful guide to keeping Christ as the focus of our ministry.

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