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CRESTINUL AZI update – Creștini persecutați în Iran

Maheen și soțul ei conduc diferite biserici de casă în Iran. Însă, după arestarea soțului ei, Maheen se temea să nu i se întâmple și ei același lucru. Aducând cererea ei înaintea lui Dumnezeu ea se ruga, „Doamne, nu sunt pregătită să merg într-un arest din pricina credinței mele. După cum știi, m-am născut și am crescut într-o familie bogată. Te rog nu mă testa peste puterile mele.” Trei zile mai târziu poliția secretă a bătut la ușa ei. Vorbind cu Dumnezeu, Maheen a mărturisit, „Te-am rugat deja să nu mă duci în această ispită. Așadar, orice s-ar întâmpla nu este vina mea.” Dar, spre surprinderea ei, când a ajuns la închisoare, „am simțit pacea lui Dumnezeu coborându-se peste mine și frica a dispărut.”

În acea noapte a fost dusă înaintea oficialului superior. Cu ajutorul Duhului Sfânt, Maheen a împărtășit celor prezenți, „Este o onoare pentru mine să vorbesc oamenilor despre Isus. Ca toți ceilalți oameni și musulmani și voi aveți nevoie de Isus în viețile voastre. Fără Isus, o persoană nu are pace și viața este fără nădejde și lipsită de scop. Isus și-a dat viața și pentru voi, pentru ca să fiți salvați și să nu pieriți.”

Oficialul a răspuns plin de mânie, „Ști care sunt consecințele acestor lucruri? Nu mă poți evangheliza pe mine. Te va costa o grea pedeapsă.” Maheen a răspuns, „Dacă nu împărtășesc adevărul cu voi, voi da socoteală lui Dumnezeu. De aceea, nu pot să tac.”

Dusă înapoi în celulă Maheen nu a putu dormi întrebându-se ce se va întâmpla cu ea. Apoi, dintr-odată, a auzit o cheie în yală. În timp ce se uita la ușă cum se deschide încet, spre surprinderea ei, în fața ei a apărut oficialul superior. „Nu-ți fie teamă de mine. Am nevoie de rugăciunea ta.” A continuat să îi spună cum mărturia ei în sala de judecată a avut un impact puternic asupra lui. „Am nevoie să fiu salvat,” a recunoscut el. „Am nevoie de Isus în viața mea. Cred că Dumnezeu te-a trimis la această închisoare pentru a împărtăși cu mine despre mântuire.” Timp de trei ore Maheen a vorbit cu oficialul despre Isus. Părându-i rău de păcatele sale el și-a încredințat viața lui Isus. Câteva zile mai târziu, Maheen și soțul ei au fost eliberați din închisoare.



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Israel highly vulnerable to all-out strike by Iran’


10/18/2012 13:04

Deputy commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Salami warns attack against country’s nuke facilities would speed up Israeli regime’s annihilation; Ahmadinejad: US influence waning due to massive debt, loss of legitimacy.

Iran Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi


Israel is highly vulnerable to an Iranian military attack, Deputy Commander of the Revolutionary Guard Brig.-Gen. Hossein Salami said Thursday according to Iran’s state-run Press TV.

“Following the infiltration of Hezbollah’s drone into the [airspace of the] occupied lands, the Zionist regime came to the understanding that such psychological warfare has not yielded any result but instead led to the strengthening of the determination of its enemies and now the Islamic Revolution has the upper hand over the Zionist regime,” Salami said.

Last week, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah took credit for sending a drone aircraft into Israel, saying in a televised speech on the Al- Manar station that the aircraft was Iranian-made. Iranian officials have touted the infiltration of Israeli airspace, with the country’s Defense Minister AhmadVahidi calling it Hezbollah’s „natural right” and saying that the move has “shown the weakness of the Zionist Regime’s Iron Dome.”

Israel’s defense strategy is feeble, Salami said according to the Press TV report. He added that “the regime’s defense mechanisms are highly vulnerable to all-out strikes by Iran.”

Salami also warned the West against initiating a strike on its nuclear program, saying such an attack would only speed up the Israeli regimes annihilation, according to the Press TV report.

Ahmadinejad predicts downfall of US

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad predicted the impending downfall of the „US empire,” blaming the collapse on a combination of the country’s massive debt and its loss of legitimacy within the international community, Iran’s official news agency IRNA reported Thursday.

“How long can a government with a $16,000 trillion foreign debt remain a world power?” he asked at a press conference with Kuwaiti media personnel. „The Americans have injected their paper wealth into the world economy and today the aftermaths and negative effects of their pseudo-wealth have plagued them.”

He added: “An empire, or a government, remains in power so long as the people under its power support it, but today the Americans have acted in a way that the world nations do not like them at all, and therefore, their international legitimacy is annihilated.”

Ahmadinejad also predicted that the West would soon drop their alliance with the „Zionist regime,” saying that Westerners and US politicians are increasingly „at a loss” as to why Israel exists.

Downplaying the effect of Western sanctions on the Iranian economy, Ahmadinejad said that the Islamic Republic would persevere. „The hegemonic powers have no way [forward], but to change the conditions.” Earlier this month, riots broke out in Tehran in protest of the collapse of the rial currency, which has lost some two-thirds of its value against the dollar in the past 15 months, stoking inflation that is now running at around 25 percent.

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Despite his country’s reeling economy, Ahmadinejad questioned who was really suffering under the sanctions. „These sanctions are in fact imposed against the European countries,” he charged. „It has now been five years that they have imposed sanctions against Iran, but the question is, which one is experiencing tougher economic conditions, the EU, or the Islamic Republic?”

Earlier this week, the EU agreed to impose further sanctions against Iran’s banking, shipping, and industrial sectors, cranking up financial pressure on Tehran in the hope of drawing it into serious negotiations on its nuclear program.

Turning to his country’s illicit nuclear program, Ahmadinejad termed Western pressure as „boring,” and expressed that his country would proceed in its drive for a peacefully nuclear program. “Due to the political approach of the world oppressor powers, the Iranian nuclear issue has become a boring issue. Today everyone knows that the westerners are basically opposed to the advancement of the Iranian nation and even if the nuclear issue would be solved they would resort to another pretext, such as Iran’s manufacturing of satellites, or even production of medicines, or becoming a space power, to interfere in our internal affairs.”

Addressing increasing speculation that the Persian Gulf could become a flashpoint for violence between the West and Iran, Ahmadinejad said his country would respond to any threats posed against it. “I do not think such a war would occur, because we all contribute to the establishment of security in this region, but at any rate when the United States make some threats, Iran, too, responses to them. Everyone knows that it is not possible to urge the Iranian nation to retreat resorting to war threat.”

Reuters contributed to this report

The Jerusalem Post

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Bomba cu ceas – Iran

Iran is moving fast toward nuclear weapons despite sanctions

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns the world that time is running short to halt Iran’s nuclear ambitions in speech at the United Nations.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns the world in speech at the United Nations that time is running short to halt Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

With Iran fast approaching nuclear weapons capability, the European Union stepped up financial, trade and technology sanctions that are aimed at the regime’s atomic appetite. Pray that they work as none have before.

The world is in an ever-shortening race for time, the object being to crimp the country’s economy, foment growing popular unrest and, finally, pressure the mullahs into standing down before military action becomes necessary.

Added to an oil embargo and a freeze on assets of Iran’s central bank, the new restrictions draw a bead on essentially anything Tehran can use to make money or create nuclear weapons.

Business with Iranian banks, except under very narrowly controlled conditions, is outlawed, as is purchase of natural gas from Iran. EU ships are forbidden from transporting or storing Iranian oil or petrochemical products. Also barred are dealings with 34 entities that provide financial support to the Iranian government and the sale to Iran of raw materials that could be useful to a nuclear or ballistic missile program.

Iran’s economy is already a near-basket case. Its currency, the rial, has lost 40% of its value against the dollar in recent weeks. Inflation is rampant. Goods are in short supply. Protests have flared.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei have responded with gamecock defiance. Meanwhile, the centrifuges that process Iran’s uranium toward its goal of weapons-grade purity spin away.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu illustrated Iran’s sinister time line dramatically in his UN speech last month. By spring or summer, Iran is likely to have weapons-grade or fissile uranium, and then it would be practically impossible to head off the actual assembling of a weapon, he told the General Assembly.

Netanyahu deployed a chilling cartoon of a bomb to show how close Iran is drawing to the mullahs’ goal of nuclear capability. President Obama, who has pledged to prevent Iran from acquiring atomic weaponry, declined to endorse Netanyahu’s call for drawing a so-called red line that Iran would be forbidden to cross.

Netanyahu thanked the EU for its new moves, acknowledging it had imposed “tough sanctions” that are “hitting the Iranian economy hard.”

But they still haven’t gotten us there, as his country, threatened in its very existence, is all too well aware. Speaking of the sanctions, he added: “We will know that they are achieving their goal when the centrifuges stop spinning.”

They must, and soon.